1. Participants
Three first women best team from season 2005-2006 from both countries. Estonian teams will be: TLU/Cartini - I place 2006 (Tallinn University), Milstrand - II place 2006 (Tallinn Team), TÜ/EEDEN - III place 2006 (Tartu University). Latvian teams will be: FC Riga, VC Ezerzeme, LU/Jelgava

2. System
2.1. Main tournament.
Two tournaments - (home and one away) with 6 teams - all EST teams will play two times only against all LAT teams: 9 games in one tournament. Other games between EST/3 teams and LAT/3 teams themselves will be counted from local National Championships first two round games.

2.2. Final Four
Two best EST teams and two LAT from Main Tournament teams will qualified to Final Four. Semifinals pairs will be EST-LAT teams. Right to organize of FF have team from Main Tournament.

2.3. Counting of points will be follows:
Win with 3:1 and 3:0 – 3 points; 3:2 – 2 points
Lose with 0:3 and 1:3 – 0 points; 2:3 – 1 point

3. Calendar
I Tournament - 12.-14. January 2007 in Estonia
II Tournament - 16.-18. February in Latvia
Final Four - 17.-18.March 2007

4. Others
All travel and lodging costs will be bear by participating teams themselves.
Administration and awarding of this competition will be in close co-operation of two federations – EVF and LVF.